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Acousonde Announcements

Announcements regarding the Acousonde self-contained underwater acoustic recorder. Used only for major events, such as significant changes in capabilities or availability. A few messages a year at most.

Last Message: Acousonde data reveal source of Antarctic "bio-duck" sound

Dear friends & colleagues, Congratulations to Denise Risch and her coauthors for their discovery of the Antarctic minke whale as the source of the "bio-duck" sound, solving a half-century-old Southern Ocean mystery! The findings were publis...


Acousonde User Alerts

Alerts for existing users of the Acousonde and for others with a close interest. Primarily to announce firmware updates or changes to recommended configuration or usage, but may also describe new ways to apply the Acousonde. At most 3-4 messages per month, typically much less.

Last Message: New firmware supports fast accelerometry!

Dear Acousonde Customers, Thanks to a bit of support, I've been able to enhance the Acousonde firmware to sample the accelerometer channels at up to 800 Hz! These channels formerly could not provide data faster than 20 Hz. The announcement is here: htt...



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