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Subject: Acousonde 3B
Date: January 18th 2011

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a pleasure to announce that the Acousonde(TM) 3B marine acoustic recording tag is now shipping!

The Acousonde 3B is a complete mechanical redesign of its cylindrical sibling, the Acousonde 3A, specifically for application as a cetacean tag. The 3B's electronics, suction cups, and flotation form a single, low-profile, hydrodynamic package that should remain attached for longer periods and with lower flow noise than the 3A and its predecessor the Bioacoustic Probe.

The 3B has yet to see its first subject, so as the community gains experience with this tool we will surely have ideas on refining the design. We particularly welcome thoughts on how to improve the suction cups; these are field-replaceable and alternative designs may easily be tested. There is at present no explicit release mechanism, but space has been reserved in the mechanical design and we hope to implement release technology in the future.

The web site at http://www.acousonde.com has been updated with:

photographs of the 3B at

a one-page brochure at

and a mechanical diagram for permitting information at http://www.acousonde.com/downloads/3Bdiagram.pdf

Thank you all so much for your past support of the Bioacoustic Probe and the Acousonde 3A. Thanks especially to the United States Office of Naval Research that made this whole project possible.

Best wishes,
-- Bill Burgess, Greeneridge Sciences, Inc.

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