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  • This list is an announce-only list.

Alerts for existing users of the Acousonde and for others with a close interest. Primarily to announce firmware updates or changes to recommended configuration or usage, but may also describe new ways to apply the Acousonde. At most 3-4 messages per month, typically much less.

Privacy Policy:

Greeneridge Sciences DBA Acoustimetrics will not share electronic mail addresses added by their owners to this list with anyone who is not an employee or direct contractor of Greeneridge Sciences or of LGL, with two exceptions: first, the contents of the mailing list will be provided on request to recognized law enforcement with applicable jurisdiction; and second, if the Acousonde product line is sold, the contents of the list will be provided to the purchasing entity.


  1. New firmware supports fast accelerometry!
    Sent June 19th 2013

    Dear Acousonde Customers, Thanks to a bit of support, I've been able to enhance the Acousonde firmware to sample the accelerometer channels at up to 800 Hz! These channels formerly could not provide data faster than 20 Hz. The announcement is here: htt...

  2. Acousonde User Alerts Message
    Sent July 20th 2012

    Dear Acousonde Users, Firmware version 2.1.3 is now available. This version adds the ability to alternate between the low-power and high-frequency channels (provided the high-frequency option is installed). One can, for example, choose to sample the low...

  3. Acousonde Firmware 2.1 released
    Sent March 7th 2012

    Dear Acousonde Users, Firmware version 2.1 is now available. The primary new features are: - Dramatically decreased (by up to 50%) power consumption - High-frequency units now capable of design 232 kHz sample rate - Fixed unreliable switching to next da...

  4. Acousonde Firmware 2.1.0b Beta Test
    Sent February 8th 2012

    Dear Acousonde User, If you are subscribed to the Acousonde Announcements mailing list, you may have seen the email announcing the 232-kHz (and, for newer units, 464-kHz) sample rates supported by Firmware 2.1. The fast sample rates are only available fo...

  5. Change to Acousonde accelerometer/compass axis conventions
    Sent January 22nd 2011

    Dear Acousonde user, In late December 2010 it became clear that the conventions used by the Acousonde to identify the X, Y, and Z axes for the accelerometer and compass were not easily consistent with industry standards for underwater and airborne vehicle...


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