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The Acousonde™ is made by Acoustimetrics, headquartered in Felton, California.

The Acousonde is distributed worldwide by Cetacean Research Technology, specialists in underwater recording and analysis equipment for protected-species research. Please contact them at the address below with sales questions and quote requests. Customers supported by US government grants and contracts are welcome to contact us directly.

(We apologize for the inconvenience that the email addresses below are not "hot links". By embedding them as images we hope to postpone the harvesting of these addresses for the purposes of unsolicited bulk e-mail as long as possible.)

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Acoustimetrics provides mailing lists for major announcements and for alerts regarding Acousonde hardware and software. Please feel free to subscribe to any and all of these announce-only lists. You can unsubscribe just as easily any time.

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If you are an Acousonde user, please subscribe to the User Alerts mailing list! We use this list to announce new firmware releases and new guidance regarding use of the Acousonde.

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